Foster is a freelance videographer and photographer from Queens, NY who picked up a camera over 15 years ago. Foster has been commissioned by non profit organizations to film and document their yearly events. He has been filming events early in his career but the last 10 years he has been honing his craft in photography. When ever he is traveling into the city he will always bring his camera "Cause you never know when your gonna come across a perfect shot". Some of Foster's photographs has been published in online Magazines such as Contraposition, http://origamijournal.com/junior/ and http://www.viralcat.com/fall2015issue.htm . Diversified in different genres of photography, product photography seems to be something he has a knack for. Foster has been photographing exclusively for a historical Fireplace company in business since 1827 based in NYC for their custom fireplace accessories. He also has been photographing apparel for various online clothing companies.